• Help Save the Big Tree

    Help Save the Big Tree

  • Registration Open for 2017 Oak Tree Race

    Registration Open for 2017 Oak Tree Race

  • National Science Foundation to Support Oak Tree Research

    National Science Foundation to Support Oak Tree Research

Go Exploring at our Protected Preserves

Indian Fort Nature Preserve

This 60 acre forest set adjacent to the Genesee River has a rich habitat and even richer history. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, this unique property earned the nickname “Indian Fort” as it was once home to two wooden fence structures, or palisades, built by the Iroquois. Explore more ➞

John W. Chanler Island Preserve

This 40 acre nature preserve consists of an 'island' of forest surrounded by grassland fields. Previously under agricultural use, the property now hosts native grasses that serve as a habitat for birds and other wildlife surrounding the 3.5 acre woodlot. Explore more ➞

Railroad Bed Trail

This multi-use trail, ideal for equestrians, hikers, and snowshoers in the winter months, is approximately three miles in length. The trail passes through forests and reveals outstanding views across the farmland of the Genesee Valley. Explore more ➞


Support the Genesee Valley Conservancy

By volunteering, donating and many other support actions you can make a difference!


  • Help Save the Big Tree

    Genesee Valley Conservancy is partnering with the Livingston County Historical Society to preserve the last remaining section of The Big Tree.

    Oak trees are and have been an important part…

  • Student Team Discount

    In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle and community engagement, we are pleased to offer student teams/clubs of 10+ a 45% discounted rate for the Oak Tree 5K and…

  • Half Marathon Passes Research Reserve

    The Oak Tree Half Marathon course passes the Research Reserve, a 460acre property on Nations Road that hosts a partnership between the private landowner, SUNY Geneseo, and Genesee Valley Conservancy. …


Are you a landowner?

From farmers to scenic property owners, woodlot managers to owners of land with wildlife habitats, the Genesee Valley Conservancy works with landowners who want to ensure that the natural resources that make their property, and the Genesee Valley region, special are conserved according to their wishes throughout time.

Conservation Easements

One of the main tools the Genesee Valley Conservancy utilizes to protect important natural resources on privately owned property is a legal agreement called a conservation easement.
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Transfers of Property

The Genesee Valley Conservancy also works with landowners interested in transferring ownership of their property for conservation purposes.
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